Boutique Hendrix - Ronda, Spain

UniVibes subscriber Jean-Mare Vinauger: "During my Easter holiday in April 1999 in souther Spain (Andalousia) I drove through a charming little town called Ronda (120 km SE from Sevilla) when a road sign caught my eyes: BOUTIQUE HENDRIX . What was that? Nothing but a clothes shop. I asked the owner of the boutique why it was so called. Mr. Montoro Ramos told me that he's been a Jimi Hendrix for many years. When the boutique started up the walls were entirely filled with Hendrix portraits. These days the walls have been repainted, unfortunately. Anyway, if you go to Andalousia, don't forget to visit Mr. Ramos in his BOUTIQUE HENDRIX at Avenida Dr. Fleming 4, 29400 Ronda (Malaga), Spain."

Photos: © Jean-Mare Vinauger - All rights reserved.
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