Electric Lady Studios

ELL Logo

Entrance - late 1970s
photo: unknown photographer/UniVibes collection

Entrance - 1997
photo: © Martin Shankelman

Bathroom - 1997
photo: © Martin Shankelman

Studio office wall on which people inscribe messages on - 1997 (note: the crossed out 17 May 1990 signature in the center is that of Alan Douglas, Al Hendrix crossed that out last year...)
photo: © Martin Shankelman

Foyer leading to the studios downstairs - 1997
photo: © Martin Shankelman

Control room of Studio A - late 1970s
photo: unknown photographer/UniVibes collection

Control room of Studio B (with studio chap Elliott) - 1997
photo: © Martin Shankelman

The old entrance of the studio
Pictured in August 1985 by Bob Gassmann
(who's the chap on the right)

The new, and very ugly, front of Electric Lady Studios...
photo: © Nick Padalino (December 1997)

The bad ('modern-day') look of the entry to Jimi's studio - May 1998
Photo: © Mike Mettler

UV subscriber Nick Padalino: "Finally they added a little dignity to the new 'yuppy-ized' front of Electric Lady - they used the original 1970 type-face, and in purple! The second photo shows the JH photo collage in the left window of EL. There's no title or credit but I assume it's called 'Crosstown Traffic.'" Photo: © Nick Padalino, December 1998
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