Only in Seattle can they come up a mad-cap idea to put Jimi in the zoo...
The infamous "rock" at 'Woodland Park Zoo,' Seattle, Washington, U.S.A.
Photo: Diana Herrera

“Ain’t No Place For His African Face” (1981)
Song composed by Seattle artist Jef Jaisun

Now the stars come out every evening
You can see ‘em shine around with the light of truth
But there’s one facing the other direction
With his back towards the town he knew in his youth
Gonna keep on playing till he finds the answer
To set his soulful spirit free
And he’s not too concerned with the people in the rat race
Who can’t find a place for his African face

NB This song (above is the final verse of it) was composed two years prior to installing the so-called “Jimi Hendrix Viewpoint” after Seattle officials failed for several years to come up with a suitable location...